Stunning graduate holds her black satin dress in a dancer's pose at the Royston shipwrecks
Smiling graduate, Bethany, wearing an emerald green dress sits among a field of vibrant, red poppies in Royston, BC
Elegant, blonde graduate in a gown poses on a stairwell at Filberg Park in Comox
Black and white close up image of a curly haired graduate with freckles and a septum piercing
Red haired, athletic graduate walks in the lush forest and ferns at Seal Bay Nature Park in an emerald green gown
Four Comox Valley grads pose in the golden hour at Filberg Park
A female graduate in a baby blue gown twirls beside the river at Little Huson Caves
A couple wearing vibrant blues for graduation walking together and sharing a laugh
A young woman stands with her back to the camera in a floral grad dress overlooking Nymph Falls, Courtenay
A smiling graduate in a vibrant red dress, hands in pockets at Filberg Park in Comox
A group of graduates from Gaglardi Academy pose together and laugh at Simms Park in Courtenay
Black and white image of a male grad wearing a suit and standing on the beach at the Royston Shipwrecks
stunning lgbtqia2s+ graduate in front of the river at Nymph Falls
A group of graduates from ecole au coeur de l'ile stand on a wet path at Filberg Park after a rain storm
A happy female grad in a navy blue dress stands in front of a dramatic sky